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Hole in the eardrum?

What is a hole in the eardrum?

A hole in the eardrum is known as a ?perforation?. It can be caused by infection or injury to the eardrum. Quite often a hole in the eardrum may heal itself. Sometimes it does not cause any problem. However a hole in the eardrum may cause a discharge from the ear. If the hole in the eardrum is large, then the hearing may be reduced.


How can a hole in the eardrum be treated?

If the hole in the eardrum has only just occurred, no treatment may be required. The eardrum may simply heal itself.

If an infection is present you may need antibiotics. You should avoid getting water in the ear until the eardrum heals. A hole in the eardrum that is not causing any problems can be left alone. If the hole in the eardrum is causing discharge or deafness, or if you wish to swim, it may be sensible to have the hole repaired.

The operation is called a ?myringoplasty?. You should discuss with your surgeon whether this surgery is appropriate for you.

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