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Mehrotra ENT Hospital is one of the premier private hospital in Kanpur, India for the treatment of dis-orders of Ear, Nose and Throat known for patient satisfaction and complete care.

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Deaf & Dumb Screening Camp have been Completed in the Year 2018

1.     Camp at Chobeypur CHC as On 12th Jan 2018

2.     Camp at District Hospital Kannuj in 22nd Jan 2018

3.     Camp at Idi Memorial High School Sujatganj Kanpur as on 27th Jan 2018

4.     Camp at Prakash Vidhya Mandir in Fajalganj Kanpur as on 28th Jan 2018

5.     Camp at District Hospital Kannuj in 24nd Feb 2018

6.     Camp with Loins Club Lalitpur Greater as on 25th Feb 2018

7.     Camp at District Hospital Fatehpur in 27th Feb  2018

8.     Camp at District Hospital Unnao in 24th Mar  2018

9.     Camp at District Hospital Akbarpur in 24th Mar  2018


Contact for registration -  +919336104687, +918808051704



Registration starts for free "Cochlear Implant & Hearing Aid"



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Contact - +919336104687, +918808051704, 


Registration starts for free "Cochlear Implant & Hearing Aid"

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